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Last Updated: Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Academy St (V/Spencer) – general flooding around residence (basement water)
Candor Rd (St 96) – several residences flooded – occupants evacuated safely
Crumtown Rd @ Hart Rd – one occupant self evacated
Dean Creek Rd – water over the road
Dodson at West Creek closed
East Spencer Rd – water over road
Ellis Creek Rd – water over the road
Halsey Valley between Straits Corners Rd * Cooke Rd.
Halsey Valley Rd @ Owl Creek – tree in road
Hulbert Hollow Rd – water surrounding the yard & residence
Sam Brown & Hamilton Valley Rd. - flooded
Sam Browne Rd @ Hamilton Valley Rd – water over the road
Smith Creek Rd – water over the road
State Route 96 between Tallow Hill Rd and Crumtown Rd – water over roadway (impassable)
Tallow Hill Rd – water over road
VanEtten Rd @ Kline Rd – water over the road
West Hill Rd – water over the road
Candor Hill at Fairfield - bridge flooded
Catatonk Hill/Whitmarsh Hollow, Candor Hill brdige, lowe Fairfield Rd.
Prospect Valley and 96B - big and deep pond
Spencer & Tuttle
State Route 96B at Prospect Valley Rd – deep water over roadway
State Route 34 at Kelly Rd – water over road (impassable)
Sheppard Rd at PA Line – water over road
State Route 17C at Sunset Trailer Park (near Sheppard Rd) – water over road, and ellis creek
State Route 34 – residence flooded – Occupants evacuated safely and taken to Waverly Barton Fire Station.
T/Newark Valley:
Rock St (V/Newark Valley) – water over road
                - several residences surrounding this location have water in or around residential structures
                - two feet of water inside this residence (7115 West Creek Rd)
Brown Rd – water over road
Dodson Hill Rd @ West Creek Rd – water over road
Glen Rd.
Ketchumville Rd @ the five way intersection – water over road
West Creek Rd – 3 people in house (1 in wheelchair) – All occupants including wheelchair bound resident removed safely.
Wilson Creek Rd near N-V High School – high water over road
Glen Rd – water over road
Brown Rd.
Hartwell Rd – Closed – water over road
Jewett Hill Rd
Allyn Rd flooding - passable
Diamond Valley/Halsey Valley high water/trees
Dubois Rd. - parts washed out
Halsey Valley Rd @ Ellis Creek Rd – water over roadway
Main railroad line is now impacted by flood waters and appears to be pending collapse, also off Lattimer Rd and near collapsed railway walking bridge – Tioga 911 Dispatch has advised Norfolk Southern Railroad.
Railway walking bridge collapsed into creek near Lattimer Rd – Tioga 911 Dispatch advised Norfolk Southern Railroad
State Highway 17C in Tioga Center flooding
State Route 17c (Tioga Center) – flooded residence – occupants evacuated safely
Sulphur Springs Rd at Sibley Rd – water over road
Smith Creek Rd.
West River Rd @ Tioga Downs – water over road
Day Hollow Rd @ Broome Co line – water over road
Dr. Knapp South - water on road
Dugan at Foster Valley flooding
Glen Mary Dr @ Goodrich Rd – water over road
Glen Mary Dr @ Talcott Rd – water over road
McLean at Frank Hyde - bridge out
North Ave - Underpass flooded
38 and 96 at turners bridge
Shepard Rd. near PA has water
Rt 34 north of Lockwood
Dean Creek Rd.
Steenburg Rd. impassible
9.18.18 11:00 AM

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