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Friday - Sep 04, 2015

Children with Special Needs

The CSHCN program is informational, referral and advocacy program for children birth to 21 years who have – or are suspected of having a serious or chronic physical, developmental, behavioral, and/or emotional condition, and who require health or related services of a type or amount beyond that typically required of children.

  • This program can help families:
  • Make referrals for special health care or related services
  • Obtain information on programs and services available
  • Increase the knowledge of families regarding available community resources
  • Navigate through 3-5 preschool special education process
  • Obtain family support services


Other Information

This program is for children from birth to age three who have developmental delays and disabilities. Its purpose is to ensure that these children receive the services needed to maximize their developmental potential, enabling them to participate fully with their families in all aspects of community life. Early intervention can be provided anywhere in the community-in the home, in childcare centers or daycare providers homes, and at no cost to families:

Services include but are not limited to:

  • Full Developmental Evaluations
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy
  • Service Coordination
  • Vision Services
  • Audiological Evaluations
  • Medical/Diagnostic Evaluations

Child Find is a statewide program provided at no cost to the family by the Tioga County Health Department.

The purpose of the Child Find program is the early identification of children who may have a delay in areas of growth and development. Needed services can then be provided free of charge from the Tioga County Early Intervention Program.

The parent/guardian is sent a developmental questionnaire starting at six months through 36 months to monitor the child’s growth and development by completing the questionnaires and returning them to the Child Find Coordinator.

The goal of the program is to identify a child’s developmental needs early and, working closely with the child’s primary care provider, provide services to enhance the child’s progress. This also provides the family the reassurance of a periodic assessment and feedback on a child’s growth and developmental status.