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Healthy Neighborhoods Program

How Safe Is Your Home?

The Healthy Neighborhoods Program (HNP) provides a free in home assessment focusing on home safety.  An HNP team member can discuss areas where safety can be improved and may also supply FREE items to assist you with making your home safer!

 Tioga County Residents can call 687-8390 to schedule a FREE home safety check!

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National Infant Immunization Week is April 21-28, 2018

Last Updated: 4/23/2018

April 21-28, 2018 is National Infant Immunization Week. During this week, Tioga County Public Health highlights the importance of vaccinating babies and vaccinating them on time. Babies are born with only some protection against diseases and the protection they get from their mom before birth eventually goes away. Babies need vaccines to develop immunity to serious, even life-threatening diseases. Vaccines protect an infant from 14 of these serious diseases, such as whooping cough, polio, and measles.

Vaccinating babies on time is crucial. The CDC has a schedule that has proven safe and effective for babies. The schedule is tested for safety and helps to make sure a baby gets protection as soon as possible. Delaying vaccines can be harmful because babies are not getting the protection they need.

While it is crucial that children are vaccinated at the recommended age, if parents are concerned about how many vaccines their children are getting at one time, vaccines can be spaced out. For example, if a vaccine can be given at 6 to 18 months of age, a parent could wait until 18 months of age, but should not delay it any longer.

Mel Miller, Tioga County Supervising Public Health Nurse adds, “If people have questions about vaccines, they should call us or get advice from their primary care provider or another reputable source; some articles are misleading and are not based on facts”.

Please talk to your Health Care Provider or our Health Department if you have any questions. We are a Vaccines For Children (VFC) provider. We can vaccinate children who have no insurance, are underinsured, or have Medicaid. Questions? Call us at 607-687-8600!

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