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Saturday - Sep 05, 2015
Stop DWI

Stop DWI

To coordinate efforts to improve traffic safety and traffic flow in Tioga County through the auspices of the Tioga County STOP DWI Program, the Tioga County Traffic Safety Board (TSB), and the Tioga County Handicapped Parking Program. This is accomplished under the authority and with the cooperation of the Tioga County Legislature. Cooperation with and through the following agencies and organizations is essential to the success of this mission: Police, Courts, District Attorneys Office, Probation Department, Alcohol and Drug Services, the Tioga County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (TCCASA), Tioga County Public Schools, Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD), , Neighboring County(s) STOP DWI Programs, the NYS STOP DWI Coordinators Association, the NYS Governors Traffic Safety Committee GTSC), and such other agencies and organizations as are appropriate.

A) Enforcement's

Tioga County has six (6) police agencies that patrol our highways and streets. The Tioga County Sheriff’s Department and the N.Y.S. Police share the responsibility for the highway safety of the entire county. Four (4) village police departments (Owego Police Dept., Waverly Police Dept., Candor Police Dept. and Spencer Police Dept.) are responsible for the safety of our motoring public within their village limits. The STOP DWI Program provides these departments with state of the art detection equipment and overtime patrols to increase our effectiveness during hours of peak DWI activity. Training time for patrol officers is also supported.

B) Adjudication (Court Related)

Tioga County STOP DWI provides training funds and additional staff time for our District Attorney to assure that DWI cases are handled in a timely and effective manner.

The STOP DWI Program has augmented most of its eighteen (18) Justice Courts with computers and courtroom software that enables them to effectively handle the increased workload that results from our improved and intensified enforcement efforts.

C) Probation

Tioga County STOP DWI provides funding that increases the number of Probation Officers that supervise many of those persons convicted of DWI offenses. We have an ignition interlock program that improves our ability to supervise these persons and allows them to maintain their licenses and consequently their employment. STOP DWI also provides probation with alcohol detection equipment and drug detention kits. The Probation Department collects the fines for all persons convicted of felony DWI in County Court.

D) Rehabilitation

Tioga County STOP DWI provides the county’s Alcohol & Drug Service (ADS) (a part of the county’s Mental Hygiene Department) with funding for personnel to run an in the jail treatment program. Funds are also provided for alcohol evaluations and treatment in the ADS outpatient clinic. We have a last resort Taxi Voucher Program that enables rehab clients to get to their treatment programs. Alcohol detection devices and drug detection kits are also provided to ADS.

E) Public Information and Education

Tioga County STOP DWI hires (STOP DWI School Associates)an extra duty teacher in each of its six (6) high schools to insure the health and vitality of the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) Program and to keep the issue of DWI continually before the student/teacher body. Funds are also provided for in school programming, which includes Chemical Free After Prom Parties, high school and junior high school assembly programs; and mock accidents. Periodically elementary school programs are also conducted.

The STOP DWI Program cooperates with the Tioga County Council on Alcoholism & Substance Abuse (TCCASA) providing funding for audiovisual programs and promotional supplies. TCCASA’s ADSIP peer training program in our elementary schools works closely with our STOP DWI Schools Associates and with our STOP DWI funding TCCASA hosts an annual SADD, ADSIP Banquet for the students involved in these programs.

Extensive advertising which includes radio, TV, newspaper and billboards is supported by the STOP DWI Program. Much of this is done in cooperation with our neighboring STOP DWI Program in Broome County. Together we increase our reach into the public perception of our largely shared audience.

STOP DWI works closely with the Tioga County Traffic Safety Board to evaluate highway safety and traffic flow issues. The STOP DWI coordinator acts as the executive secretary to this group of volunteer authorities.

Due to the forethought and concern by New York State, the Tioga County STOP DWI Program is entirely funded from fines collected from convicted drunk drivers. There has never been a single cent of taxpayer money involved in this program’s activities.

We average a saving of eight (8) human lives each year in Tioga County when we compare what has happened since the STOP DWI intervened in 1981 to the six (6) years average leading up to that time.

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