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Treasurer's Office 2020 Annual Report

Last Updated: 3/13/2021


County Treasurer McFadden reports on a nice comeback in County revenue streams toward the end of the year regarding our local economy. This is despite a very challenging and ongoing negative economic situation throughout New York State and Tioga County, directly related to effort to curb the COVID pandemic.

Sales tax collections rebounded in the fourth quarter to help close a deep deficit created by COVID shutdowns, and came in at $24,159,464. This is down 3.1% or just $705 thousand dollars lower than in 2019, and down .33% or $81 thousand dollars when compared to 2018. Over $6 million dollars were distributed to support our Towns and Villages, along with $326 thousand dollars going towards Town’s AIM highway funding.

COVID shutdowns also impacted Casino revenue due to the State ordered closing of Tioga Downs Casino in the spring and summer of 2020. Both the County and the Town of Nichols receive over $ 300k quarterly from normal casino operations. The Casino closing for six months cost each municipality 700k in 2020.

Under property tax enforcement the foreclosure and subsequent auction of 49 properties, for failure to pay 2018 taxes, has been delayed judicially by the State of New York. A potential auction surplus will have to wait until a date in 2021.

In our accounting arena, the annual independent audit of all of the County's 2019 financial transactions, fund balances, and investments reported a clean opinion with no adverse findings and verification of all account balances and found the County within compliance of all State reporting requirements.

In 2020, the County paid $2.2 million in Community College tuition bills. This State mandated service represents 9% of our County tax levy, which benefitted 2,000 County residents pursuing higher education.

The Treasurer's Office has been working to implement a new tax software to provide better service to the County’s tax payers. In 2020 a new tax website was introduced, which allows property owners easy access to tax information, as well as offering a new credit card option with a lower fee for citizens to make delinquent tax payments. The new credit card option is integrated into the new website to increase ease of payment, and has enabled the Treasurer’s Office to accept credit/debit payments in the Office.


Respectfully submitted,

Jim McFadden, County Treasurer

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