Ellen Pratt
Materials Recovery Manager


Location & Phone

477 Route 96
Owego, NY 13827

Main Phone:

Barton Transfer Station

The Barton Transfer Station located at 1216 Route 17C is open. It is privately owned and operated. Their hours of operation are Tuesday thru Saturday 7am – 12pm. They can be contacted by phone at 607-565-8170.

2017 Tioga County Stream Cleanup

Last Updated: Monday, March 27, 2017

What is a stream cleanup?

It involves volunteers walking along a stream or paddling a stream channel, collecting trash and recording information.

Why volunteer to do a stream cleanup?

Trash and debris carelessly discarded or dumped throughout the County often ends up along our waterways, impacting their scenic beauty and water quality. The Tioga County Stream Cleanup is your opportunity to help keep our waterways beautiful so that they can continue to be used for our recreational and scenic enjoyment.

Other benefits to a stream cleanup:

Information recorded such as types and quantities of trash, problems encountered, such as clogged channels, illegal dumping, or erosion can give us much need information about where the issues are. Stream Cleanups are an effective way to promote storm water awareness. They are applicable to all water bodies and teach citizens the connection between storm water and the local streams, through direct involvement. Cleanup efforts foster a sense of community ownership of the water body. They are an effective way to improve habitat, water quality, and aesthetics.



This year's event will be held:

May 12th through May 22nd, 2017



Pre-registration is required

Please register by filling out and mail, fax, or email you registration form. Click here for Registration Form

Mail to:

Ellen Pratt

477 Route 96

Owego, NY 13827

Or fax:


Or email:

Stream Cleanup Leaders must review the information below to ensure that you are aware of your responsibilities for the event. You will be contacted to confirm the details for your group shortly thereafter.

Stream Cleanup Leader Instructions

Liability Release (Required for all participants)

Information Card - use this card to collect data in small groups during the cleanup


2017 Tioga County Stream Cleanup