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Tioga County uses the Hyper-Reach service for managing emergency communications. This system will send emergency notifications directly to your cell phone or email. To add your primary cellphone number or additional phone numbers and e-mail addresses, click on the logo above and complete the on-line form. The service is free!

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The Office of Emergency Services coordinates the County's efforts to prepare for and respond to emergency situations. In an emergency situation, the Office of Emergency Services works with County departments and external agencies to respond to the needs of citizens by helping to protect lives and property, assist those injured or whose normal lives have been disrupted by events, and to provide for the rapid restoration of normal services. Additionally the Office of Emergency Services provides and/or supports the following programs to assist the fifteen (15) volunteer fire departments and fifteen (15) emergency squad/first responder units in Tioga County:

  • EMS training
  • Fire training
  • Central county radio communications (dispatching 911 calls)
  • Fire investigation
  • Search and rescue assistance
  • Hazardous materials assistance
  • Critical stress debriefing assistance
  • Mutual aid coordination assistance with adjacent counties

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This plan adopts the Comprehensive Emergency Management System; a nationally recognized disaster planning model that organizes the basic management structure and resource capabilities of the county in a way that can address all hazards that can impact the community -- plus it addresses all phases of disaster management; which in addition to response, includes prevention, mitigation and recovery.

Tioga County’s Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan is now FINAL and officially adopted by FEMA and all Tioga County’s 15 municipalities. Below are links to ALL sections.  If you have any questions or comments please contact Wendy Walsh, CPESC, CCA by email at or Elaine Jardine, County Planning Director by email at

Last Updated 06.24.13

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Since 2007, Tioga County has had a countywide Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP), prepared in accordance with state and federal standards and approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  Since March 2018, the County and its municipalities have been working on reviewing, revising, and updating the current HMP. 

Tioga County and its municipalities are pleased to announce that they have completed the DRAFT update of the Tioga County HMP.  The HMP is a blueprint for reducing property damage and saving lives from the effects of future natural disasters, and to enable the county and municipalities to be eligible for qualifying mitigation projects.

The HMP is currently available for public review and comment from November 30th until December 30th, 2018. Please click on the links provided below to view any section.  There is also an opportunity to provide comments on the plan below the list of sections.

VOLUME I - Main Plan

Sections 1 through 7.4.4


VOLUME II - Jurisdictional Annexes

Sections 8 through 9.16



A through G



Table of Contents




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