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If you would like to search for Property Assessments and/or Inventory in Tioga County's Real Property Database, please use the Real Property Data Viewer by clicking HERE.

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Tioga County accepts the easier to use RP-5217-PDF Real Property Transfer Report. Click here to download the form or for further details and instructions.


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Tioga County Real Property Tax Services is a liaison between State and Local governments for administration and understanding of Real Property tax in servicing Tioga County property owners.

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Below you will find your towns current Tentative Assessment Roll. The Tentative Roll is published each year on May 1st. It is important that you review your Tentative Assessment Roll to check for correct ownership, mailing address, property location, inventory errors and view your new year’s assessment. Your towns Assessment roll can also be viewed at your Assessor’s office, or at the County Real Property Tax office. Please note these are large documents, but they can be searched using your browsers search tool. If your property's information is incorrect or you feel that your assessment is too high please contact your assessor. You need not wait for Grievance Day but that is the last day that property owners may file a formal complaint seeking reduction in their tentative assessments.


Below you will find links to Tioga County Final Assessment Rolls from 2014 to the present. Select the folder of the roll year you want and click on the town name to view the document. Please note these are large documents, but they can be searched using your browser's search tool.

2022 Tioga County Final Assessment Rolls


2022 Barton Final Roll
PDF, 3553 KB

2022 Candor Final Roll
PDF, 2759 KB

2022 Owego Final Roll
PDF, 8301 KB

2022 Tioga Final Roll
PDF, 2068 KB

2023 Final Assessment Rolls


2023 Owego Final Roll
PDF, 8300 KB

2023 Tioga Final Roll
PDF, 2084 KB

2023 Barton Final Roll
PDF, 3565 KB

2023 Candor Final Roll
PDF, 2768 KB

2024 Final Assessment Rolls

2024 Barton Final Roll
PDF, 3586 KB

2024 Candor Final Roll
PDF, 2776 KB

2024 Owego Final Roll
PDF, 8312 KB

2024 Tioga Final Roll
PDF, 2093 KB

What's New

There have been some changes in how certain homeowners will apply for STAR, and in how they receive their STAR benefit. The STAR program continues to provide much-needed property tax relief to New York State’s homeowners.

New applicants who qualify for Basic or Enhanced STAR

  • You will register with New York State instead of applying with your assessor.
  • You will receive a STAR credit in the form of a check, rather than receiving a property tax exemption (if you qualify for STAR). The dollar value of the credit will be the same as the property tax exemption.

New applicants who qualify for Enhanced STAR (or who will qualify in the future)

  • You do not need to register separately to receive the Enhanced benefit if you’ve already registered to receive the Basic benefit.
    When you register for the STAR credit, the Tax Department will automatically review your application to determine whether you are eligible for the Basic or Enhanced STAR benefit amount.

If you are receiving a STAR exemption and purchased your current home prior to May 1, 2014, then you don't need to register; you will continue to receive the STAR exemption. To learn more, see STAR exemption program.

If you purchased your home between May 1, 2014, and August 1, 2015, then you need to register to receive the STAR credit if: you bought your home after the 2015 STAR application deadline, or if you did not apply for the STAR exemption for your home by the 2015 application deadline. Otherwise, no action is necessary; you will continue to receive the STAR exemption.

If you purchased your home after August 1, 2015, then you need to register for the STAR credit.

Any person who pays property taxes can grieve an assessment, including:

  • property owners
  • purchasers
  • tenants who are required to pay property taxes pursuant to a lease or written agreement

Only the assessment on the current tentative assessment roll can be grieved - you can't grieve assessments from prior years.

There is no cost to grieve an assessment and it does not require you to hire a lawyer.

Filing the grievance form -

File the grievance form RP-524 with the assessor or the board of assessment review (BAR) in your town or village.

If your property is located in a village that assesses property, you will have two assessments, one for the village and one for the town. To grieve both assessments, you are required to file a separate Form RP-524 with both the town and village. Grievance dates for villages will vary from towns, contact your village clerk to determine if your village assesses property and for grievance dates.

In most communities, the deadline for submitting Form RP-524 is Grievance Day (see below). If you mail the form, it must be received by the assessor or BAR no later than Grievance Day. If you do not file the form by the deadline, you will lose the opportunity for administrative and judicial review of your assessment this year.

In most communities, Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday in May. However, there are exceptions so check with your assessor to confirm Grievance Day in your community.

If you have more questions please feel free to contact the County Real Property office or visit the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance web site at

Please use the following forms to request a change in the mapping of your property's Tax Map.

Municipalities and School Districts adopt specific scales for calculating Senior exemptions. The scales have income ranges and the percentage value of the exemption for each income range. 

  Town & Village Assessors

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Douglas Barton

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